Welcome to Customized Tech Solutions LLC

Welcome to Customized Tech Solutions LLC

Welcome to Customized Tech Solutions LLCWelcome to Customized Tech Solutions LLCWelcome to Customized Tech Solutions LLC

Simplifying technology for small businesses, startups, and non-profits.

Technology Coaching

Technology Coaching

Technology CoachingTechnology CoachingTechnology Coaching

Helping evaluate and select the right tools to meet your business needs.

Technology Training

Technology Training

Technology TrainingTechnology TrainingTechnology Training

Making sure implementation is easy and you are up and running fast.

Technology Troubleshooting

Technology Troubleshooting

Technology TroubleshootingTechnology TroubleshootingTechnology Troubleshooting

Helping to keep software and hardware tools performing correctly.

Technology Services

Technology Services

Technology ServicesTechnology ServicesTechnology Services

Offering a wide range of services to support your project needs.

About CTS

Denise M Lynch owner of Customized Tech Solutions LLC

My Experience

  After spending 15 years as a technology teacher in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, I took a leap of faith and started Customized Tech Solutions to help small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits navigate the use of computer technology in their day-to-day work. I believe for most business needs, the tools already exist. You just need to find them. That is where CTS can help! As a technology coach, trainer, and troubleshooter, I can offer options, match you with the right tool, and get you up and running. 

  I have been fortunate to have had a career that allowed me to learn and thrive in a variety of work environments. From laboratory research to publishing, to marketing, and most recently teaching, I have developed a wide range of software skills and strategies that I hope to share. Also, over the last four years, I have built a network of great referral partners ready to step in and help. --Denise Lynch  

Offering Tech Coaching, Training, Troubleshooting and Outsourcing services

Mission & Goal

CTS was founded to support local, small businesses evaluate and choose tools to automate and streamline workflows. Business owners who are not taking advantage of current technologies to manage and market their company may be missing out! By implementing the right tools, you can build a professional operation that allows you to focus your time on what makes money. 

Our goal is to nurture professional relationships with owners and entrepreneurs by conducting initial interviews to understand how the company functions day-to-day. We consider how you interact with customers, manage your income and expenses, and market your products and services. Only then can we recommend software tools and strategies that are customized to your needs.

Technology coaching, training and troubleshooting is just a call, text or click away.

Personalized Approach

Customized Tech Solutions LLC is a coaching, training and troubleshooting company that wants to simplify technology to help small businesses grow through streamlined operations and self-promotion. We believe in a personalized approach when suggesting options that are reasonable, affordable and support business operations. CTS draws on past experience, current trends, and new technologies to customize solutions. We want to empower you to build a successful business! 

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  • Technology Assessment/Plan Development
  • Software Selection, Upgrade & Training
  • Hardware Upgrade & Setup
  • Website Setup/Development
  • Social Media Review & Planning
  • Mobile App Solutions

Customized Tech Solutions LLC

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