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Serving as a technology coach, trainer and troubleshooter in Delaware County, PA


After spending 15 years as a technology teacher in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, I took a leap of faith and started my company to help small business owners navigate the use of computer technology. I have been fortunate  to have had a career that allowed me to learn and thrive in a variety  of work environments. From laboratory research, to publishing, to  marketing, and most recently teaching, I have developed a wide range of  software skills and strategies that I hope to share as your coach,  trainer and troubleshooter.  --Denise Lynch

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Helping small businesses in West Chester, Aston, Ridley, Newtown Square, Morton, Media, Middletown


“We help small business owners who are not taking advantage of current technologies to manage and market their company, to implement changes that builds a professional operation and allows them to focus on what makes them money.” Our goal is to nurture professional relationships with small business owners and entrepreneurs by conducting initial interviews to understand how the company functions day-to-day, including how they interact with customers, manage income and expenses, and market their services. 

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Customized Tech Solutions LLC is a coaching, training and troubleshooting company that has at its core the desire to simplify technology to help small businesses grow through streamlined operations and self-promotion. We believe in a personalized approach when suggesting options that are reasonable, affordable and support business operations. CTS draws on past experience, current trends, and new technologies to customize solutions.

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Client Reviews

Patricia Woods / Coach to Create

 "Denise brings incredible depth to her  technical know-how and her teaching experience has allowed me to really  comprehend and integrate new ideas and concepts that would otherwise  bewilder me. I have been able to incorporate new skills and apply them  successfully to my business. Denise is readily available with support if I get stuck  and need a bit of a refresher on some skills. Our conversations always  spur new ideas and allow me to move forward in ways that are sensible,  practical and reflect what is important to me in growing my business. I have found her to be an amazing teacher, a  creative problem solver, and very innovative and insightful in her  approach." 

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Lou Anne Bulik / Red Brick Educational Consulting LLC

 “Knowledgeable, professional, incredibly responsive, and helpful beyond  belief. Denise Lynch Is all of these and more. She explains technical  issues in a clear way that I can understand. And she comes up with  creative solutions and suggestions! Denise Lynch is my go-to person for all of my tech issues, and once you  have met her, she will become yours as well. I highly recommend  Customized Tech Solutions for your technology needs.” 

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